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Autowatch Motorhome Alarms


Standard Features: include: Arming/Disarming of the alarm system with the vehicle’s original remote controls, and additional Autowatch remote, protection for bonnet, cab doors, habitation door, and 3 x lockers (extra contacts available) habitation area PIR sensor, sleep mode (where the perimiter of the alarm can be set excluding the internal sensors) plus

*  Indicator /side light output
*  Ultrasonic Interior Cab sensors with exclusion facility
*  Intelligent Battery Back-up siren
*  Siren chirps with arming and disarming of the alarm
    system (selectable)
*  PIN code over-ride
*  Blue Flashing LED
*  Door trigger input
*  Bonnet trigger input
*  Ignition trigger input
*  Lock & unlock doors with ignition*
 Passive arming with central door locking
False alarm nuisance prevention
Pager / tracker arming input
*  Pager / tracker trigger output
 Additional 4 button remotes control
 Door open audible warning (selectable)
 Ignition anti-hotwire
 Central Locking outputs
 Alarm trigger diagnostics
*  Rapid test mode for installers
*  3 year warranty
*  These features are only available for certain vehicles*
 Note that these features can only be utilised on certain vehicles and in conjunction with using the
   Autowatch remote


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