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Clifford 330X review

Clifford 330 X Fitted EssexThe Clifford 330X has been in development for many years to make a one of a kind security system which works on cars and vans and gives you security features like no other, coming as standard with the 6 tone revenger siren to grab peoples attention when your vehicles alarm is sounding. The system has the original bright blue LED which gives a very good visual warning that your vehicle is secure and protected by the best security system possible. Many people have known Clifford as the science of security and to this day they remember the brand from the car scene. This system is special because it isn’t your normal alarm that you arm and disarm because it works with your original vehicles remote control meaning you don’t have any remote control fobs to carry around with you. This is only designed to work with can-bus vehicles and this means the alarm only reads data and doesn’t send commands to your vehicle meaning you have a system that car work with any vehicle made after 2006 and not even know it’s been fitted due to it being so sleek in terms of installation.

When you lock your vehicle from your original fob you get the nice Clifford chirp and the only parts that are on display are the ultrasonic sensors and the LED. Fitted with a dual stage shock sensor any bangs or knocks to your car will warn away anyone before they cause major damage to your vehicle. Warn away has been proven to work and it has been a trademark registered by Directed. If you choose a good installer like us we can set up the alarm to your preferences including setting up a pin code which is unique to yourself.

Like other Clifford systems you can expand on the sensors like Tilt and dual zone proximity to give your vehicle the edge over many other devices on the market. Directed spend silly amounts of money on coding the software to make there alarms as sleek as possible. If you would like a Clifford 330 X system installed you should have it done by us due to us giving you a long warranty period and a very neat installation. You can’t beat the Clifford system in terms of integration and performance in the vehicle security market.  

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