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What Is A Tilt Sensor

Tilt SensorA Tilt Sensor is a very effective way to protect your vehicle from being jacked up or towed, The tilt sensor knows what position the vehicle is in when the alarm is armed, this means if your parked up on  a curb the tilt sensor will work the same as if the car was on flat level ground. You need to make sure the sensor is fitted correctly in the center of the vehicle for it to remain level and central within the car or van. If you have nice alloy wheels your car is a target and the slightest bit of jacking the vehicle up will fully trigger the alarm sounding the loud siren and in many cases the thief will simply run away. The other reason why many people want these sensors installed is in case the car is dragged or towed which is very common on high end cars and 4×4’s.

The tilt sensor is a low maintenance item which only needs testing once each year to ensure correct operation. The sensor uses a very small amount of power and uses no more than a dual zone proximity sensor, the Tilt Sensor is available from all major alarm brands such as Cobra, Toad and Clifford. This still gives you the choice of having a system you would like installed by a certain brand but it also allows you to upgrade the alarms features at a later date.


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